Will Russell Westbrook finish with a better career than Allen Iverson? First Take debates

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Will Russell Westbrook finish with a better career than Allen Iverson? First Take debates
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Kendrick Perkins debate whether Russell Westbrook will finish with a better career than Allen Iverson.
#FirstTake #NBA
0:00 Kendrick Perkins says we will never see another player like Russell Westbrook in our lifetime.
2:00 Max Kellerman says Allen Iverson has the better career than Russell Westbrook.
4:00 Stephen A. shares his thoughts on whether Westbrook will finish with a better career than Iverson.
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Ben Carrasco
Ben Carrasco 15 minuta më parë
Russ might have a better career but he is not better than A.I.
E.J. Dortch
E.J. Dortch 18 minuta më parë
Kendrick said it “WITH ALL DUE RESPECT” but Russ is going to have the better overall career. AI had a HUGE cultural impact and he brought fans to bball all around the world. He will be a HOF for that. But numbers meaning the triple doubles alone will put him above AI overall (and we have yet to see if Russ will get a ring). It’s not hate it’s statistical facts, it’s okay to LOVE AI more, a lot of people do
GAME BANGING MEDIA 24 minuta më parë
The disrespect stop playing with my boy AI!!!
Vlad Makarov
Vlad Makarov 30 minuta më parë
Allen Iverson will always be my GOAT
Sean Felix
Sean Felix 36 minuta më parë
Didn’t AI play wit Melo the disrespect wow
Curry 43 minuta më parë
Perk is such a clown
Rickey Bates
Rickey Bates 49 minuta më parë
Did he not play with melo ?
Eric Gaynor
Eric Gaynor 51 minutë më parë
It's not science do the numbers say they do..
Marco Torres
Marco Torres 58 minuta më parë
No. Allen iverson took a shity team to the finals. Russ has had help and made the finals. But both lost. Iverson overall
PTG COM1 Orë më parë
Henry Qian
Henry Qian Orë më parë
You may say westbrook is as good as a player talent/career wise as AI, but man when it comes to legacy and impact, it's not even close. AI made regular people like you and me once believe that with dedication, skill and a fearless heart we could have a chance of being great at something even if having disadvantages in certain aspects. Westbrook is the opposite, makes me want to quit playing if i dont have have the same physical gifts or some sort of advantages, even thought AI obviously was also very gifted. The only player that could make me feel the same is probably D Rose i feel (with or without the injury).
Mutamba Was Mutamba
Mutamba Was Mutamba Orë më parë
Kendricks perkins be saying anything
SuperHooper Orë më parë
One day they'll be sick of coming up with these comparisons. These are two beasts.
Brenden Knight
Brenden Knight Orë më parë
These are number 1 and 2 my favorite players of all time AI has a better career but i think Russ will catch him at some point. And for SAS to deny that there is Russ hate is ridiculous he’s one of if not the most hated on player in the nba
NBA Controversy
NBA Controversy Orë më parë
Russ will be the greatest to never win a championship
Alfie Tank
Alfie Tank Orë më parë
A.i is a top 5 Shooting guard. Westbrook isnt even top 10 point guards.
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell Orë më parë
Steven As good at this I was with KP until SAS started talking lol
Dirt Orë më parë
The one thing common between Westbrook and AI is their on court mentality. It's good to see Brodie in the same conversation with AI .
Dakota Orë më parë
Culturally? No. Statistically? Yes. Triple Doubles. That's why.
youngboss24able Orë më parë
Ain't nobody fu*king with A.I but westbrook is good af
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson 2 orë më parë
Westbrook is NOT better then A.I. Living in the moment. A.I. been out the league for a minute, so people losing respect for his game.
Dank Dillinger
Dank Dillinger 2 orë më parë
You think if AI played with KD he wouldn't have a ring? smh
cbx25 2 orë më parë
Great point Stephen a
Nathan Jacobs
Nathan Jacobs 2 orë më parë
Stephen A losing his memory fr
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson 2 orë më parë
They don't play defense no more remember
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson 2 orë më parë
Allen Iverson smoking drugs
New York BX stand up
New York BX stand up 2 orë më parë
Talented has the players today and even more so cause they do the same numbers and in most case better numbers playin in a much more tougher League
TROLL 2 orë më parë
AI is a 4 time scoring champ. Man get perk outta here
Amir Mire
Amir Mire 2 orë më parë
No! Allen Iverson is the man
Jonathan Valadez
Jonathan Valadez 2 orë më parë
Westbrook normalized triple doubles but that's about all he's done in his career
Tim Brown
Tim Brown 2 orë më parë
No, stop capping, he ain't take no team nowhere lol. Iverson never had no players westbrook had, shut up perk
eusstass kiddo
eusstass kiddo 3 orë më parë
Iverson obviously doesn’t had a paul george however he does had a prime carmelo anthony and good team during denver nuggets after he was traded the denver make it to the conference finals.. what can u say about that stephen a smith?
Chosen1 3 orë më parë
Both Russ and AI are incredible players and have achieved many things withing there career but for now as a Russell Westbrook fan I will give it to AI right now AI is better right now but I think when Russ ends his career he will be better
derrick brandon
derrick brandon 3 orë më parë
I’m taking Ai cause he was the answer he’d cross yo whole team n still score
MrLILv104 3 orë më parë
No championship? No one cares
ejknight88 4 orë më parë
I wish we would stop comparing players, smh! Let's these athletes be unique individuals! No two players are alike, PERIOD!!!
Cedric Newmans
Cedric Newmans 4 orë më parë
Perk bias with old teammate but Russell not better than AI
Austin Empire
Austin Empire 4 orë më parë
Did they both forget for a second that he played with prime melo? 😂
Haizeus_Goose 4 orë më parë
Wait this man said Allen Iverson has two scoring titles and russ has one then the screen said he had 4 and russ had 2 what’s going on
New WaveS
New WaveS 4 orë më parë
Russ not close
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder 4 orë më parë
Westbrook or Derrik rose or julio's rando in my eyes might be the MVP period this season period
edwin muthusi
edwin muthusi 4 orë më parë
Untill westbrook takes a weakàss team to a finals you guys need to shut up...no disrespect to russell
40 Tay
40 Tay 4 orë më parë
Honestly he already has a better career AI changed the game yeah, but Russ is doing things nobody has ever done 4 straight seasons averaging triple dub …
Spirit 76
Spirit 76 4 orë më parë
iverson by far, is not even close. triple doubles means nothing. iverson played in a harder era and the pace was slower. iverson changed the game and the culture around the game. iverson led his team, a very average team, to the finals! westbrook will never do something like that ever.
Kc_ChopGod 4 orë më parë
Nope, never carried a team to the Finals.
walter hank
walter hank 4 orë më parë
no. westbrook will never go to the finals again + he will never play a game like Iverson against the Lakers
Reek 18ss
Reek 18ss 5 orë më parë
An did not go to da playoffs
Alderman D
Alderman D 5 orë më parë
He's already better what's the debate.....🤔
Paulo Austria
Paulo Austria 5 orë më parë
Iverson have Carmelo
Felipe Leal
Felipe Leal 5 orë më parë
No comparison here, Westbrook had a full healthy career, Allen Iverson didn't, spent time in jail
Anthony Torro
Anthony Torro 5 orë më parë
kobe and AI had a baby and you get Westbrook, whaaaaattttt????????
Deaujujan Cody
Deaujujan Cody 5 orë më parë
Why does everybody forget after KD left OKC Russ didn't have no one that great offensively either but also forget that even though he had great teammates remember who he lost to. Not winning a ring shouldn't diminish his accomplishments.
TNT Section
TNT Section 5 orë më parë
AI and Melo didn’t play together?
TNT Section
TNT Section 5 orë më parë
2001 Phili vs 2018 Cavs. Who y’all got?
TNT Section
TNT Section 5 orë më parë
Russ hasn’t averaged a triple double for 4 straight years. 3 straight years, yeah but not 4.
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox 5 orë më parë
A.I. all day
pkflyers 5 orë më parë
For once I agree with max and stephen 😂
Tex S
Tex S 5 orë më parë
Stephen A preached!
Edo Paul
Edo Paul 5 orë më parë
Lol when Stephen a went thru Russ teammates I was waiting for him to say KP out of respect so he won’t embarrass him, and he didn’t. Nicely done, Jesus I just hate Kendrick...
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 6 orë më parë
Westbrook rubbed everyone the wrong way that’s another problem. Iverson was the best player on his team so you can’t say he drove players like Kd away. Both of them dug their own way to not having a ring but I think that affects Westbrook’s legacy more than AI. AI carried loads for years. Westbrook carried his loud mouth
Emmanuel Goodwin
Emmanuel Goodwin 6 orë më parë
Carmelo doesn’t exist, I’m sorry but the nuggets were one of the best teams in the west on paper
Devmanboy 6 orë më parë
I say yes, even Allen Iverson evolutionized the game with is incredible smooth style, Russ is to. Russ is showing short people that if they work at it at they can hammer the ball, play good defense and be stronger than half the league. I got friends under 5'10 dunking the ball just cuz they Russ fans and see him do it even though he's 6'3 that's still short to the things he capable of.
Dong Liu
Dong Liu 6 orë më parë
I agree that Iverson had better career than Westbrook. But AI also had help. In 2001, Mutombo was DPOY. Larry Brown was Coach of the year. McKie was 6th man of the year. They did rely on AI on scoring, but everyone else is doing their job. Then AI had Webber, past his prime, which didn't count. AI had Iguodala. Then AI had Melo in Denver. 76ers management wasn't bad at all at bringing a team for AI.
Gerrell O'Neal
Gerrell O'Neal 6 orë më parë
Can y’all talk when Russ done
Harrison Rogers
Harrison Rogers 6 orë më parë
westbrook better than iverson
K. Raio
K. Raio 6 orë më parë
Westbrick had the potential to be the greatest PG ever if he had a better head on his shoulders. It's a shame he's incapable of controlling his emotions.
Gerald Lanes
Gerald Lanes 6 orë më parë
Ok stop the nonsense saying Allen Iverson never ever had help ....he played with melo in his prime on this nuggets Stephen A IS A CLOWN !!!! He also played with Kenyon martin(Allstar) Chris webber(all star) Andre ingudola(Allstar) dikembe(all star) Larry Hughes Derrick Coleman although that finals they wasn’t deep Allen iverson always had good teammates Stephen A is clown 🤡
Mvni 6 orë më parë
Better player is different from better career.........
Heartles Forever
Heartles Forever 6 orë më parë
Iverson was the best mid-range shooter I ever seen in my life at 6'1 we used to call him the 40-point King and he was lightning quick and also play defense and got steals he had the most heart and was relentless I Member One playoff game he told Kobe that he would smack the s*** out of him God bless Kobe soul him and Iverson wer really friends the Mike picked it up Iverson was very serious that's because he was Hood when he came out of Georgetown it was as big as LeBron coming out I remember that 96 draft class with Ray Allen Kobe Bryant it was a very good class that actually change the NBA some might call that the best draft class in NBA history and to think he was the first pick he was that special but Russell Westbrook we will probably never see another player like him In Our Lifetime he's special in his own way shout out to those two kings
Joshua Reyes
Joshua Reyes 6 orë më parë
This is some BS segment. What are they trying to instigate? First of, Westbrook career is not even over. Second, their style of play is different, so you can't even say who is a better player.
CeeWorld 6 orë më parë
Kendrick is either smoking some GOOOOD 💩, or something VERRRY dangerous and may need to be checked into rehab. There’s no in between
K.N.W.L 6 orë më parë
He had melo 🤔, for a short amount of tims
B'Rabbit Sargrad
B'Rabbit Sargrad 6 orë më parë
Westbrook is much BETTER than a trip Dub SO there is that...
B'Rabbit Sargrad
B'Rabbit Sargrad 6 orë më parë
stephan a your energy here is absolutely coming off salty stuck in the past hater nonsense, its embarssing this is our goats reporters... ;(
P. Loftin
P. Loftin 7 orë më parë
If Allen Iverson would have stepped over Tyronn Lue in today's game the referee would've called a foul.
Liu Kang
Liu Kang 7 orë më parë
Yes and no.....
ricky arroyo
ricky arroyo 7 orë më parë
Very similar to Jordan & lebron ..... Westbrook & lebron have better all around games but Jordan & iverson is more determination to win games mental toughness & better scorers
The Ultimate Mix
The Ultimate Mix 7 orë më parë
Russ to Milwaukee
Tika 7 orë më parë
AI is my favorite player of all time. The fact that this is a topic is very disrespectful to me and it pisses me off greatly 😒
lewis harper
lewis harper 7 orë më parë
If D.rose would have stayed healthy
Scoundrel _
Scoundrel _ 7 orë më parë
I also think Iverson better but Stephen A act like AI didn’t play with Peak Prime Melo at Denver lol
TooSlick 3x
TooSlick 3x 7 orë më parë
AI by far this man dragged the 76ers by himself to the playoffs and constantly was trying to get that chip Russ ain’t playing for no chip that’s why he on the Wizards the expectations lower.
Dwight Bullock
Dwight Bullock 7 orë më parë
Yes he already passed ai all he needs to do is make the finals lol
Timothy Stuckey
Timothy Stuckey 7 orë më parë
Akinbobola 7 orë më parë
Anyone that thinks Russ is going down with better career then AI loses ALL there ball talking privileges!
Goat 0
Goat 0 7 orë më parë
When you get out of your emotions and look at all the facts it's not crazy at all to say he will or already has.
Cord Claiborn
Cord Claiborn 8 orë më parë
A.I. had a better career no way Westbrook would have drug the team that Iverson took to the finals I don’t think Westbrook even would have made the playoffs with that team! Argument is over
Virgil Wimberly
Virgil Wimberly 8 orë më parë
Westbrook all day
supervong1 8 orë më parë
Dont forget Westbrook averaged triple double when he has PG13 and Bradley Beal. That shows how good he was.
Matthew Eso
Matthew Eso 8 orë më parë
AI in todays game would be stupid
supervong1 8 orë më parë
The Answer is Westbrook. He's got more years to go. The 4 seasons of triple doubles are better than AI's 2 extra scoring titles. AI was amazing but Westbrook is unbelievable and we will never see another player averaging triple double again.
Honcho Hamza
Honcho Hamza 8 orë më parë
Man stop the cap u can’t say who did more w less if they both got 0 rings they had free agency back then too so stop it both of them were loyal and wasted years w teams that weren’t championship ready Russ is a walking triple double better defense faster not by much, stronger by a lot more athletic simple! Longevity also means something
Bugz The DonDada
Bugz The DonDada 8 orë më parë
AI easy call! Russ still hasn’t led a team out of the first round as their best player. He averaged a triple double 3 straight years & lost first round all those years. & will do so this year again
spiderdrew 8 orë më parë
I usually agree with Perl but boy tripping tripping today
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan 8 orë më parë
He already has, look at the numbers.
Boss Man Gift
Boss Man Gift 8 orë më parë
Is he stupid or dumb ?
Nelly Davis
Nelly Davis 8 orë më parë
He will never be better than ai
SSJ Phenom
SSJ Phenom 8 orë më parë
If AI played today with the rules the way they are and he still had all of his skill, quickness, abilities, and his heart; he'd be the best player in the league right now. He'd average 20ppg off of free throws alone. With his ability to finish at the rim, he'd get another 20. Kobe said it best, everyone should thank God that AI wasn't 6'5-6'7. If he was and still had his skills, abilities, and heart; he would've ruled the league.
jordan dobbins
jordan dobbins 8 orë më parë
6:05 Stephen A Smith got too much on his plate with his ESPN show, radio show, and First Take LMAO
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