Stephen A. reacts to LeBron criticizing the NBA play-in tournament | First Take

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Stephen A. reacts to LeBron criticizing the NBA play-in tournament | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins discuss Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James' critical comments about the NBA play-in tournament.
#FirstTake #NBA
0:00 Kendrick Perkins says LeBron's comments make the NBA look good for holding players accountable.
1:56 Stephen A. Smith explains that the Lakers' play without LeBron was "unacceptable."
3:43 Max Kellerman says LeBron can't take the regular season for granted now.
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ESPN 2 ditë më parë
0:00​ Kendrick Perkins says LeBron's comments make the NBA look good for holding players accountable. 1:56​ Stephen A. Smith explains that the Lakers' play without LeBron was "unacceptable." 3:43​ Max Kellerman says LeBron can't take the regular season for granted now.
dds bobos
dds bobos 46 minuta më parë
@さよなら ポケモンモジャ公 Thank u for showing that u are a racist fck. No wonder you people are so ignorant.
dds bobos
dds bobos 52 minuta më parë
@さよなら ポケモンモジャ公 Lemme guess u just deleted a comment woke doe... lols! If you have to ask... it was on CNBC television. This is the part you suddenly feel you are an ignorant moron. Which u are btw.
さよなら ポケモンモジャ公
さよなら ポケモンモジャ公 53 minuta më parë
@dds bobos yeah, ur cryin bout those "slaves" in china. How abt ur own fellow americans who suffer police brutality and systematic racism?
dds bobos
dds bobos 2 orë më parë
@さよなら ポケモンモジャ公 Lebron is so woke he owns slave factories in china makin them sneakers. The real racists have always been those who cry racism.
さよなら ポケモンモジャ公
さよなら ポケモンモジャ公 2 orë më parë
@dds bobos whats wrong with being woke? Better than being racist.
bluezune1 42 minuta më parë
When did AD ever win a mvp Kellerman ??
Samir Fountain
Samir Fountain 49 minuta më parë
This is why Lebron isn’t the goat If Lebron was really the goat he wouldn’t complain about anything or make excuses like “I’m not 100%”. He’d lock down on his workouts and kill what ever team is put in front of him.
m tajalle
m tajalle 56 minuta më parë
screw lebronass, I loved the lakers, and with lebronass on board....lakers is out and so is nba!
C T Orë më parë
Cedric Betts
Cedric Betts Orë më parë
The play in tournaments completely pointless. Imagine not being good enough to make the top eaten your conference, so you play for the ninth and 10th spot. If The playoffs for the best two of three then there might be a chance for the upset but a beat of 7 isn’t even worth watching. If the NBA really wants teams to have a better chance to compete, adjust defensive rules so that weaker offensive teams have a strategy to go to other than an overpowered or 3 point focused team. When will the league learn.
P T 2 orë më parë
Warrior's fan here! I hate the play in tournament. Just give us a lottery pick already and not risk losing our pick to OKC.
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy 3 orë më parë
18 years later and people still don’t understand that if LeBron don’t play they don’t make the playoffs or finals. Idc who is on the team. All them top five players y’all said LeBron played with never even sniffed the playoffs after bron
QuezGotClout 3 orë më parë
He said this last year
Jeff Reisen
Jeff Reisen 3 orë më parë
ESPN the racist network
MrCantfindanynames 4 orë më parë
Nah sir Lebron. Its put up or shut up time now.... Dat was the point of the whole play in. It was to give every regular season game some importance. Ain't no more minute restrictions or "imma just take 2 weeks here and 3 weeks here to rest up" NOPE! U gotta hoop!
beuford sims
beuford sims 4 orë më parë
Jacked up man's game criticized and now he can't speak unless someone is unhappy about it.
Danny V
Danny V 5 orë më parë
That’s tropical LaBron the only time he speak is when only benefit him
Julian B
Julian B 6 orë më parë
Play in needs to stay forever, players don’t like it because they actually have to care about the regular season games. This is one of the most boring season of all time simply because there are wayy to many stars sitting out for no reason
James Wright
James Wright 6 orë më parë
Perk did a rig of meth today
Jacob Fay
Jacob Fay 6 orë më parë
Did Max just say the lakers are thin without starters after lebron and ad? Uhhh drummond, gasol, kuz, mattews, etc etc have all started in the NBA for almost their whole careers?!?!
Jeffrey Conley
Jeffrey Conley 6 orë më parë
Lebron supported this last year. Hmmmmmmm Joke.
calm 104
calm 104 6 orë më parë
Jordan just played F everything else!
walter1296 6 orë më parë
He was ok with it until he got hurt and ad and now they a 6 seed.
Van Smoken
Van Smoken 6 orë më parë
Players gonna fight in games
Van Smoken
Van Smoken 6 orë më parë
This was freaking awesome
A J 7 orë më parë
Yup we are screwed my nation is full of retards. The play in tournament made sense last year because they only played 17 games last year!!!! They played 72 this year okay? Big difference. But y'all wanna change the rules for LeBron so be it. Add it to the resume though after Lakers win.
Burner 01
Burner 01 7 orë më parë
I’m seeing all these MJsexuals saying oh he wouldn’t do this or complain Jesus get a life
Junior Vasquez
Junior Vasquez 7 orë më parë
Why ask Perkins? His career was trash and he’s on Lebrons nut sacks so of course he’s gonna agree with him
Saro Saroyan
Saro Saroyan 7 orë më parë
Agreed. Below 500 should never be allowed in the playoffs. A losing record should not be rewarded.
youBoob 7 orë më parë
Kendrick Perkins : "...towards the end of the NBA season, it gets boring, people dont want to see it..." ummm, no. people were not watching NBA towards the end of the season because it suddenly got "boring" people were not watching the NBA "since day 1" because it is stupid to watch politics when you just want to watch sports, which the NBA has not been since it got "woke" these idiots actually trying to convince people NBA is still as big and relevant as it was during the Jordan era ha ha ha! they use double speak where "NBA today is so exciting and interesting people cant wait to watch it because LeBrons reaction makes the NBA GREAT !!!" HA HA HA HA HA!! in your dreams you shills! go sell a used car somewhere, it will probably fall apart as soon as it leaves the car lot you snake oil salesmen
christianrapper 8 orë më parë
I think the play in games are dumb. This makes the regular season meaningless.
christianrapper 8 orë më parë
These thumbnails don’t do stephen a. any favors. They always make him look like he is yelling…even when he’s not.
mick pratt
mick pratt 8 orë më parë
LeBrick was all for the play in until he figured out he'd be playing in it.
Mike Panton
Mike Panton 8 orë më parë
The problem is that LeBron missing the playoffs if something crazy happened in the play-in game would be worse for the league than LeBron. The NBA doesn't want a playoffs without Bron. Period
Stiles Johnson
Stiles Johnson 8 orë më parë
You can’t have it all Lebron. Suck it up. Handle business and just do it.
LeBron James King
LeBron James King 8 orë më parë
BIG Baby 23 wants everything handed to him. LeBron never really stepped into a leader role. He's always had a casting behind him and this Lakers' team can't get through the west. Net's healthy in 4
christianrapper 8 orë më parë
Yeah, he coasted to 10 finals. That’s just dumb.
mcronn 100
mcronn 100 8 orë më parë
Father 🕙 is starting to beat lebron and he can't take it. Stop whining about the play in tournament and get the 6th spot very simple. The fans like it because now NBA teams have to compete to the last game. And i hope the Lakers end up having to play in the play in and get the warriors and lose because curry gave them a 50 piece with lemon/pepper.!! 😂
Draggline 77
Draggline 77 8 orë më parë
He is getting older. He has giving us some of the best moments rather you are fan or foe. That hill gets a lot harder to climb.
Joe Congdon
Joe Congdon 8 orë më parë
Perkins still sounding like a beagle with a cold.
Dee Wilson
Dee Wilson 9 orë më parë
The prooblem with the argument they should be used to this. Key contributors to the championship last year are gone. Rondo, javale, dwight, danny. They arent all stars but they are battle tested. Lets face it if drummond was able to keep a team afloat the pistons and cavs wouldnt have been trash.
Armen Zargarian
Armen Zargarian 9 orë më parë
Perk looks like he’s always hiding in the janitors room during an interview
John Livanis
John Livanis 9 orë më parë
LeCryBaby. He’s a joke.
Jazzy Jeff
Jazzy Jeff 9 orë më parë
Freaking crybaby when things don't go his way
Tayina P
Tayina P 10 orë më parë
The play-in-tournament made sense last year because a lot of teams did not get to play most their games. It makes no sense for this year. The #7 and 8 teams have competed all season long to be in those spots. Now they have to struggle and win games against those who did not even try that hard just to keep the seeds they've already earned fair and square. That makes little sense to me. As far as the Lakers, they could have won a lot of games if Frank Vogel used the roster properly. The players are to blame but the coach is more guilty of this.
Armand Hammer
Armand Hammer 10 orë më parë
I’m honestly so tired of Lebron.
LB Otaku
LB Otaku 10 orë më parë
Did perk just lied, cause when bron got injured they were not number 2. the moment AD got hurt they started falling, not when bron got hurt
Lancer Maza
Lancer Maza 10 orë më parë
This is why MJ >>> Lebron
Ministry of The Way of Jesus Christ
Ministry of The Way of Jesus Christ 10 orë më parë
Max said that he was preaching the gospel, you need to repent max kellerman now!!
Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray 10 orë më parë
The only people who don’t like it are the 7th and 8th seeds lmao
Jacc Detroit
Jacc Detroit 10 orë më parë
Still the GOAT....
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 10 orë më parë
It’s unfair for the 8th seeded teams who finished the season with enough wins to make the playoffs when a team who is 9th or 10th seed with fewer wins to have a chance to make it its stupid just keep it how it is.. if your team is good enough then make the playoffs without needing a play in tournament that’s just how it goes the nba is becoming a participation trophy league rewarding those who didn’t qualify
James Edwards
James Edwards 10 orë më parë
Hahaha. NBA is in the gutter. Ratings down 70%. SJWs & BB don't mix & 10s of millions of us are never coming back. More ppl watched the Kentucky Derby than tuned in to watch the NBA, the boycott is strong...hahaha
James Davis
James Davis 10 orë më parë
Lebron just know they dead
Harry overman
Harry overman 10 orë më parë
First of all he’s not the best player in the NBA that would be Kevin Durant slow your roll white boy Max
Wayne Cox
Wayne Cox 11 orë më parë
I actually like it
Daniel Burton
Daniel Burton 11 orë më parë
Lakers were better without him.... he controls the offense too much ... I really hope they end up the 7th seed
franchise1223HG 11 orë më parë
Play in tournament a waste of time. Its simple if you are one of thetop 8 teams you should make the playoffs. Teams under 500 should not be there period
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz 11 orë më parë
Lebron is a Whiney as a toddler! Mj never bitched or complained about anything While lebron has used every excuse there is. Why he will be the goat over MJ!
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 11 orë më parë
LeBron is doing the Ronco hair in a can LOL.
Josh Gonzalez
Josh Gonzalez 12 orë më parë
I hate all of Max’s take on Basketball. Stick to boxing.
Myron Feltner, Jr.
Myron Feltner, Jr. 12 orë më parë
I can't wait until he retires. Looking forward to a Lebron-free league.
Robert Chandler
Robert Chandler 13 orë më parë
He's shook lol
Hank El
Hank El 13 orë më parë
How bout yall hold LeBron accountable for his divisive rhetoric
Iceberg Gaming
Iceberg Gaming 13 orë më parë
Kendrick Perkins = immediately dislike and click next video
Maurice Copeland
Maurice Copeland 13 orë më parë
*Imagine Curry and the Warriors knock off the Lakers in the Play-in Tournament 😂*
Connor MacManus
Connor MacManus 13 orë më parë
This dude is an endless Whiny Victim...until he's in China then he's a silent little B.
Bogdan Paunescu
Bogdan Paunescu 13 orë më parë
Play-in is good. BBall like a lot of sports is also luck based to some extent. Play-in will show that the bottom seeds deserve that spot. I'm wondering if NBA should do something more like dota tournaments where you have winners bracket and losers bracket. That way, if you lose a series, you still get to play to stay alive and if it was bad luck, then skill should take you as far as possible.
ActiveLivingChallenger 14 orë më parë
I disagree I think the Lakers played pretty well considering how many games Lebron and AD missed. Stop blaming the other dudes for this.
luis r
luis r 14 orë më parë
Did max came back from sunbathing in Cancun with sunglasses on? 😂
PAPERCHASERS309 14 orë më parë
@5:21 Stephen A taking a nap on Max 😂
Politicus Rex
Politicus Rex 14 orë më parë
Lebron gets paid to play so play. If you don't like the NBA go play in China. Oh wait...
Delton Bright
Delton Bright 14 orë më parë
Last year the play-in tournament was fine because so many games were canceled but now this year is feels like they’re trying to reward teams for failing to make the playoffs
Michael Jofer
Michael Jofer 14 orë më parë
The NBA SUX!!Max and perk sux!lebum sux!!ESPN tryn to hype lefake after all the issues his facing right now!!!
Definitive1 14 orë më parë
Play-in tourney made sense last year cause there was a stoppage in play that changed the momentum and we play resumed they made a new schedule. Play-in this year makes no sense.
pill cosby
pill cosby 14 orë më parë
LeChina James
Mark Kanatzar
Mark Kanatzar 15 orë më parë
Go to China who cares
Caleb S
Caleb S 15 orë më parë
Molly and Stephen are lacking respect for max. They straight up rude. I h8 defending the white guy here lol but Stephen a sucks up to people he sees as above him and disrespects people he deems are below him in status. Max please man just leave the money isn’t worth forsaking yourself.
Caleb S
Caleb S 15 orë më parë
Molly and Stephen are lacking respect for max. They straight up rude. I h8 defending the white guy here lol but Stephen a sucks up to people he sees as above him and disrespects people he believes are below them. Max please man just leave the money isn’t worth forsaking yourself.
ThereIsNoTry V
ThereIsNoTry V 15 orë më parë
Wish espn would show the times lebron praised the tournament
Supreme J
Supreme J 15 orë më parë
Who is perkings?
Oopy 15 orë më parë
Lebron makes NBA players seem like fragile old ladies that cant play an extra game.
Jonel Sanvictores
Jonel Sanvictores 15 orë më parë
This play in tournament is a good addition for top teams its their mini prize for being top in the playoff
Oopy 15 orë më parë
Lebron was all for it last year, when Lakes didnt need to play it, now he cries about it. I never saw someone that had so much complain and whine as much as him....will probably just take another flop and sit out.For sure he will never be the GOAT
Mouse Trapping Videos
Mouse Trapping Videos 15 orë më parë
I don't know much about Basketball, but it sounds like they are turning the regular season games into practice. If you work all year for a position, should it be taking by chance? Is that what's happening?
Robert Lance
Robert Lance 16 orë më parë
Just walk on eggshells around people of color !
Carlos Velez
Carlos Velez 16 orë më parë
but this is nothing new its what we've seen for Lebron's entire career, when it comes to adapting a new playing style Lebron is the worst star there is. Lebron only knows how to play in the Lebron system in where the entire team needs to be built around him for him to win, and if it isnt built around him you get a situation in where he gets a mental break down like back in the miami day. People glorify and credit lebron for how bad teams get once he leaves, but shouldn't that be more representative of the player that he really is? Is he an unstoppable force? Yes, he is but is the same system surround lebron around shooters that can defend and let him drive. But can he play in a system? like Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Khawi Leonard can? I dont think so, these players can be put in any team and they can thrive and still score in bunches but lebron is the only play that needs an entire offense to revolve around him to succeed. But then some how its the other role players fault that they lose, when the catalyst and engine of the team is missing? Maybe if lebron was a more dynamic player in the sense of being able to play in systems, maybe then the rest of the team would have the ability to function properly.
magic mark
magic mark 16 orë më parë
All they have is LeBron and AD. That's it. Their role players aren't very good. No real PG or 3 pt shooting on this team.
Bloodyclashers 16 orë më parë
made in china!!
Ultrawide Mods
Ultrawide Mods 17 orë më parë
The only reason why lebron still relevant in the nba is because he keeps teaming up with multiple superstars.
Lugaw Plain
Lugaw Plain 17 orë më parë
LeCry James the big baby 😭😂
Tyrell Broughton
Tyrell Broughton 17 orë më parë
Steven A, Lebron disagreed this in 2018. The bubble was something they did to continue the season. Nobody blinked when Cuban/Luka said something a couple weeks ago. It’s not about competing, because Bron said it lol.
Joseph 17 orë më parë
Without the new Playoff Format, The Lakers may not even make the playoffs this year. Lebron always trying to be The KING, It's not just about you LEBRON.. First a bad TWEET and now WHINING again. Maybe it's time to RETIRE
Jordon Ramirez
Jordon Ramirez 17 orë më parë
"If you're not over 500 i dont even want u to play" stephen after the knicks have their first year over 500 in 20 years lol
TR 1776
TR 1776 17 orë më parë
LeBron James is a hypocrite. He supported this just one year ago. I don’t agree with you guys at all
Garland Granger
Garland Granger 17 orë më parë
I have watched NBA ball since the 60s. But I have given up on these guys today. NBA ball has become boring and guys like LeBron think they run the NBA. I could care less today. LeBron has made some really stupid comments.
Fudge Packer
Fudge Packer 17 orë më parë
NBA is garbage
Vincent Bryant
Vincent Bryant 17 orë më parë
Yall do know he said this like 8 months ago and they reporting this like he said it this week
google are pedos
google are pedos 18 orë më parë
China LeBron.
CHO DA BOY 18 orë më parë
Lebron is getting older
Thee Greatest Ever
Thee Greatest Ever 18 orë më parë
Go woke and the universe will sort you out...
Deerick Johnson
Deerick Johnson 18 orë më parë
WJC 19 orë më parë
James' ego has superceded his common sense and when that happens, karma gets involved to humble a person. When you are lucky enough to live in a country that pays you to play basketball, love that country, use any so-called fame you have to promote peace, understanding and do good things. Be grateful and get more or be greedy and egotistical and lose more and more until you have nothing.
Brandon Cunningham
Brandon Cunningham 19 orë më parë
Molly calling Bron salty sounded corny 😂
Jet Garcia
Jet Garcia 20 orë më parë
Lewoke James strikes again! Why are these anchors protecting this diva queen? Stinks! 🤨
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