Stephen A. is not picking the Lakers to win the West right now | First Take

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Stephen A. is not picking the Lakers to win the West right now | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss whether they would pick the Los Angeles Lakers to win the Western Conference right now.
#FirstTake #NBA
0:00 Stephen A. Smith is not picking the Lakers to win the West right now.
1:30 Stephen A.: LeBron is not looking healthy.
2:20 Max Kellerman is nervous for the Lakers.
2:50 If the Lakers are healthy, they are the best team in the West - Max.
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ESPN 2 ditë më parë
0:00 Stephen A. Smith is not picking the Lakers to win the West right now. 1:30 Stephen A.: LeBron is not looking healthy. 2:20 Max Kellerman is nervous for the Lakers. 2:50 If the Lakers are healthy, they are the best team in the West - Max.
Joseph Ruidias
Joseph Ruidias Ditë më parë
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Winter Malerkey
Winter Malerkey Ditë më parë
No.... if the lakers match-up with the clippers I 'don't think so. I'll go to the Clippers.
Tommy 2 ditë më parë
@Jad Santana how does it feel botting or using alts to reply to these comments. Must be sad
Tommy 2 ditë më parë
@Ephraim Bruce this man is using alts to advertise flixzone lmao I saw the same two comments in many nba related videos
Jad Santana
Jad Santana 2 ditë më parë
@Ephraim Bruce Yea, been watching on flixzone for since december myself :D
Nathen Jayden
Nathen Jayden 7 orë më parë
Lebrons game has been studied so much by the new generation he isn’t going to be able to shine forever. If he already doubts his abilities to return to 100% healthy he might as well retire.
Alexander Adonyae
Alexander Adonyae 7 orë më parë
Lebron declined after "2018" and i feel like Lebron "individually" was putting up monster insane numbers 💯💯 after that season he got hurt(2019) as he is getting older/fast foward= it's 2021!! Lebron definitely declining but he gonna go down as the 3rd greatest player behind Kobe and Mike
Schoolius Delta
Schoolius Delta 8 orë më parë
WHENwhenwhen will people STOP saying Lebron James is the best player in Basketball?😳
Jeeb TV
Jeeb TV 8 orë më parë
I learned my lesson to not bet against bron .. I’m a Celtics fan btw
Bigrhythm4 10 orë më parë
and nobody cares, nobody watches the NBA anymore
Johnny Lazo
Johnny Lazo 10 orë më parë
Clippers all day!!!
Derrick Jordan
Derrick Jordan 14 orë më parë
AD is nothing without bron he might as well be back in NO
Facz Kill
Facz Kill 14 orë më parë
Please Lakers win so China James has to answer all the questions he has been hiding from. Oh wait you smips won't ask any hard questions. Protect the Queen
Jr Hruaia
Jr Hruaia 16 orë më parë
Knows nothing about predicting correct and he's the master of that. Period
SuperStar Marr
SuperStar Marr 16 orë më parë
Soon as the lakers have a great game maybe blowout he gone change his mind
Carter Huff
Carter Huff 16 orë më parë
Ok, go ahead and doubt LeBron James. He ain't gonna have this opinion for too long.
Silent Grind.
Silent Grind. 17 orë më parë
Hi everyone My name is Byron and all of my orgasms ever have come from Lebron James failures. I thrive on watching king James make blunders politically and on the court. Oh and don’t get me started on injuries , when Lebron got stabbed by a camera in the finals I broke my record for nuts in one day
Korey Palmer
Korey Palmer 17 orë më parë
keep that same energy Stephen
Andy Atmosphere
Andy Atmosphere 17 orë më parë
They should’ve NEVER got rid of Howard and McGee.
King B
King B 17 orë më parë
The 🐐 will come out on top.
Shaney Nocomplainey
Shaney Nocomplainey 16 orë më parë
Ian Forbes
Ian Forbes 17 orë më parë
LOL. This dude changes his opinion more than the wind changes direction. Wasn't long ago I recall he said Lakers were guaranteed to win it all this yr.
Duane stackhouse
Duane stackhouse 18 orë më parë
Elizaer Cowherd
Elizaer Cowherd 18 orë më parë
Max is so nuts
Puggie Baby
Puggie Baby 18 orë më parë
Lebron is smart his tryna take out the strongest first that way it’s gonna be a cake walk this guy controls the media he’s controlling AD he’s Controlling his team LEBRON JAMES IS THE BEST LEADER IN THE NBA HISTORY !!! Just watch my guy work !
Shaney Nocomplainey
Shaney Nocomplainey 16 orë më parë
Steve Spears
Steve Spears 18 orë më parë
Lakers miss McGhee&Howard for real;!!!!!
J-Dogg Wong
J-Dogg Wong 18 orë më parë
Lakers are done!
Wulfenacht Wulfenacht
Wulfenacht Wulfenacht 19 orë më parë
Stephen "dishonor before death" Smith
Gregory Leggett
Gregory Leggett 19 orë më parë
SAS is a windsock. Whatever direction the wind happens to be blowing in is the direction he takes.
Gregor Ayling
Gregor Ayling 20 orë më parë
If the playoffs started right now, i'm not even picking the Lakers to come out the 1st round.
APO LAKAY 20 orë më parë
Exactly! Without PlaYOffs Rondo?
Dezi X
Dezi X 22 orë më parë
Bad take Steven A
FL champ33
FL champ33 22 orë më parë
What?? Lakers are 2021 champs 🏆 im calling it already
Shaney Nocomplainey
Shaney Nocomplainey 16 orë më parë
Keep dreaming
Truth Spewer
Truth Spewer 22 orë më parë
They're already setting the stage. Lakers have an "identity issue". The most vague thing they can come up with. They'll have problems, maybe, up until the playoffs start. Then they'll start talking about how "playoff lebron" shows up for the playoffs, and they'll be back in sink again. All rigged and orchestrated, so lebron can beat a fully healthy nets team in the finals. This proving he can do, what he could never do, his whole career. Beat a team, in the finals, that was better than his team. All to get people talking about who's the goat, since people have pretty much excluded lebron from that convo. You heard it here first. Lakers winning the title. Mark my words.
Eliko Sim
Eliko Sim 23 orë më parë
Here we go again
Wendel Bartoline
Wendel Bartoline Ditë më parë
Here they are again
Antonio Scott
Antonio Scott Ditë më parë
I remember when MJ played with tha flu tha whole game ..these weak players these days is straight garbage
Waisale Vuta
Waisale Vuta 18 orë më parë
Pippen played with back spasms
Marcos Gallo
Marcos Gallo Ditë më parë
Knicks start winning and he throws the lakers out the door x)
Pulling The strings
Pulling The strings Ditë më parë
Stephen "Durant has a 7'6" foot wingspan" Smith
Pulling The strings
Pulling The strings Ditë më parë
Ohh not right now, he'll pick them when they're up 3-1 in the finals.
Jerome Estrada
Jerome Estrada Ditë më parë
Nets vs Suns 2021 NBA finals, Suns in 7
Andy Firstt
Andy Firstt Ditë më parë
If the lakers win on Thursday he gon change his mind
SlykTech Ditë më parë
Lets face it King James is old now and AD is often broken. This is not last year when the current top teams in the West across the board got A LOT better.
Steven G
Steven G Ditë më parë
These dudes all said the Lakers wouldn't win a chip last year, 🧢🧢
LatinLegacy Ditë më parë
As shown in the game versus Denver, they will just have to keep it close so the refs can help to push them over the finish line.
lairdriver Ditë më parë
The reality is, LeBron is 36. He's slightly bigger than Deontay Wilder, he's injured small muscles in his ankle, father time is catching up. That huge frame has become liability. He can't play a full game. Maybe three quarters right now. If LeBron says he might not be the same again, believe him. The Raptors killed them and they didn't even have OG, Fred and Trent
Patrick Taliauli
Patrick Taliauli Ditë më parë
Steven A smith changes his favourite team to win a million times. Team wins “they’re winning” team loses “they’re not winning”
hard knocklife
hard knocklife Ditë më parë
This isn't exactly a bold statement. We all know fully healthy the lakers would be a top 4 seed rn but they can't get right to save their lives
Survival Ditë më parë
Stfu Stephen A, you're always like that. Ya always want to be right
Karim Ditë më parë
Lbj is done
MindsOfConflict MOC
MindsOfConflict MOC Ditë më parë
Nets in 4 regardless
Robert Rucker
Robert Rucker Ditë më parë
Back "before" LBJ got hurt -when AD first got banged up my feeling was that they were done back then. AD is fragile (no disrespect intended because some people just cant help it) that said - LBJ was playing too many minutes! I felt bad for the Laker coach because I know that he wanted to cut LBJs minutes back then big time. But LBJ was not sitting down for nobody. Now LBJ is hurt. And if that ankle sprain is anything like it possibly could be, LBJ is probably going to need months to fully recover. I wish both of them well. Just an opinion.
Jeff Reisen
Jeff Reisen Ditë më parë
New York cop is run down and killed after lechina James makes threats
Carey Smith
Carey Smith Ditë më parë
This remind me of the Brady Buccaneers, he jumped off the wagon and regretted it
Supreme Highlights
Supreme Highlights Ditë më parë
Hot take, huh 😒
Carey Smith
Carey Smith Ditë më parë
Steven A jump ship again, don't jump back on our Lakers wagon
KHUFU KHAFRE Ditë më parë
Does kobe, mj, or AI sit out because of a sore ankle in the last 6 minutes?
Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson Ditë më parë
Fu(k looserbron
Darryl Hayes
Darryl Hayes Ditë më parë
Oh No if SAS picks them the opposite is gonna happen except win it comes to the DALLAS COWBOYS... period
Philly Ditë më parë
Lakers vs sixers see ya in june
Tim Muul
Tim Muul Ditë më parë
Please replace Molly. Her interruptions constantly kills the debate. She adds nothing.
Royal Digital Media
Royal Digital Media Ditë më parë
Stephen A. doesn't know sports. He's a comedian.
Brandon Fig
Brandon Fig Ditë më parë
LeChina really be milking this ankle sprain. Give me a break. I’d hate to see how he acts with a real injury.
Lvplack Bussy
Lvplack Bussy Ditë më parë
SAS will change his mind faster than you can buy some White Castle and pass gas for crying out.
punizzzle Ditë më parë
Stephen A the biggest bandwagoner lmfaoooooooooo definition of prisoner of the moment
Russell Hurtado
Russell Hurtado Ditë më parë
Nets to the queen James you are next. James nets are a racist team lol
Thomas Nickel
Thomas Nickel Ditë më parë
I pick max to make it into a racial issue if they don't win it all.
elzydoe Ditë më parë
Stfu, Denver just lost 2 the Lakers.
MistaTofMaine Ditë më parë
I hope the Lakers don't win the finals, I hate communism.
Devon Walker
Devon Walker Ditë më parë
I’m predicting this the downfall of Lebron he will continue to look like a shell of himself for the remainder of his career.... Father Time has caught up with the king unfortunately
Dd Dd
Dd Dd Ditë më parë
Greek Freak is easily MVP
Don Jenkins
Don Jenkins Ditë më parë
Of course media is not picking Lakers to win championship. It’s just a set up for them to win it all so they’ll have something to put in the headlines....
Richard Torres
Richard Torres Ditë më parë
Welp, atleast he didn’t guarantee the Lakers are winning the west, we all know S.A.S. With his predictions
Jordansexuals like Stephen a smith always counting lebron out
Earnest Brown
Earnest Brown Ditë më parë
The Suns is looking good
W Smith
W Smith Ditë më parë
Suns is looking really good right now
Michael Townley
Michael Townley Ditë më parë
If lakers win the title this year stephen A will say lebron played in a "weak west."
LARRY JORDAN Ditë më parë
UTAH/PHOENIX/CLIPPERS are coming out of the west...
Phex Ditë më parë
Zachary Ravel
Zachary Ravel Ditë më parë
1) Jazz 2) Lakers 3) Clippers 4) Suns
mjac167 Ditë më parë
Maybe not, but I am picking LeBron James as AZZ CLOWN of the year.
Bucket_ Life_ Living
Bucket_ Life_ Living Ditë më parë
He is get afraid of the Nets
Nina Bee
Nina Bee Ditë më parë
I hope they don’t win
Mike James
Mike James Ditë më parë
Need to FIRE THE COACH for NOT being able to MOTIVATE the remaining players to step up, play hard and WIN.
darko nikolic
darko nikolic Ditë më parë
He stayed in the game For 4 minutes to svote double digit,are you talking about that injury???TEAMWORK
Mike James
Mike James Ditë më parë
The lakers ARE DONE!!! lebron IS DONE looks like it's time for lebron to retire he won't be able to catch Kobe with 5 rings OR Jordan with 6!!! DONT UNDERSTAND WHY lebron came back too early without healing up ALL THE WAY FIRST!!! VERY BAD move by lebron. He did it too himself!!!
Pymrytz Leonarda
Pymrytz Leonarda Ditë më parë
ESPN is the only one watching NBA right now.
Christopher James
Christopher James Ditë më parë
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Christopher James
Christopher James Ditë më parë
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David George
David George Ditë më parë
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Christopher James Ditë më parë
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Christopher James Ditë më parë
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Linda Jayden
Linda Jayden Ditë më parë
how does this bit coin stuff really works, I think I'm interested and willing to start right now
DMbabeful Ditë më parë
Raptors, Raptors, Raptors! THE BEST LOTTERY TEAM OF 2021. If they can do what they have with undrafted and late 1st and 2nd round picks, imagine what they are gonna do with a lottery pick!
Eyob Family
Eyob Family Ditë më parë
King give up unless 100% healthy they will loss,AD & others depending on King.....Shame on management!!!!!!
Marcos Montenegro
Marcos Montenegro Ditë më parë
I predict that LeBron is about to hit that one moment in life where his body just falls apart. "I'll never be the same" with a HIGH ANKLE SPRAIN. But let keep it 1000, he only walked off the court and didn't return because he was having a hissy fit about the way the game was going. And even more at the way AD was struggling. Isn't the first time we see him give up on a team. Wouldn't put past him to go join the Sixers or Nets soon..
Kevin Villanueva
Kevin Villanueva Ditë më parë
This guy spews out too much hate. Quit your job. You’re full of negativity.
Fil Mart
Fil Mart Ditë më parë
How nice it must be to have a job that doesn’t require you to put your name on anything. Any other job demands you to put your name on your work duties. This job on the other hand...nothing but useless opinions. His opinion or any one else’s for that matter is worth just a much as the opinion of the guy who sits on the bus stop waiting to use his bus transfer.
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel Ditë më parë
I Still Pick The Lakers To Win Another Title This Year If The Lakers Have LBJ And Davis 💯 Fully Healthy I Still Believe Them To Win This Year
Trey Timmermans
Trey Timmermans Ditë më parë
LA Fakers
Real Conspiracy Wow!
Real Conspiracy Wow! Ditë më parë
Lebron just want a fast food Championship like he had in the bubble .The only problem is Lebron Legacy is on the line to equal or pass Michael Jordan. Then on top of all that now Lebron is reneging on this tournament because his team is losing ..........ALL that politicking behind the seen since his Cleveland days ,and all that negative energy trying to get get players traded(Kyrie) and acting as General Manager instead of focusing on making his team better ,this is the in result .......KARMA ......The apocalypse of the heart ......he is finished.......Kyrie Irving , James Hard Head, and Cup Cake Durant are your new dynasty.
D E S Ditë më parë
Stop it.
incrapable Ditë më parë
stephan a. not picking the lakers actually giving me hope the lakers can pull through
J. D.
J. D. Ditë më parë
"When Dolan sells the team we can talk." Um no max, you are NOT welcomed back to knicks fandom. Don't even try it, unless you want to get roasted on all your social platforms daily lmao.
Emanuel Frederick
Emanuel Frederick Ditë më parë
Cordell Stewart
Cordell Stewart Ditë më parë
Honestly how could you, really the Lakers is an average team. But the whole league is weak and garbage.
Karlos Ortega
Karlos Ortega Ditë më parë
if the lakers don't repeat because lebron isn't healthy enough, everyone better call solomon hill as the king slayer.
Paul Escamilla
Paul Escamilla Ditë më parë
Max on the Knicks: "If Dolan sells the team we can talk." 😂😂
DrVince Ditë më parë
I’m sorry but nobody picked the lakers last year as well lol I’m sure we will fight no matter what and we’re coming for y’all
cleveland 216
cleveland 216 2 ditë më parë
Nets in 4
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